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A good website is one of the best way to attract new business

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I will do my best to give you the right services for your needs. Each client is different and has a different focus. A lot of the time there are services that people don't know they need.

Wordpress - Content Management Systems

Allows you to easily update your website with text, images, photos, audio, videos.

You are in control of your own website

Brand Identity

Logo, Business Cards, Compliment Slips, Brochures, Flyers, Leaflets, Facebook, Twitter, Promotional Items.

A Brand is the personality that identifies your product or service.

Make sure you have the one personality thorough all of your printed and digital branding

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

There is no point in having a lovely website if people can't find your website when they search for it. You would not spend money on an advert poster and stick it up in a dark alley.

SEO promotes key phrases that you would like to show up for in search engines in google. To show up on the front page of google their are a number of factors you have to consider.

Social Media

Sites like Facebook and Twitter give you a different audience to promote your product or service. With 750 million active users on Facebook.

Its an interactive way to get in touch with your client base. 25% of the time spent on the internet is on social media sites.

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Flickr, and 100's other sites.

Other Services

Newsletters - keep in touch with your client base easily with full reporting
Google Analytics - keep an eye on the traffic coming to your website, who, where, how and what they like on your site
Google Adwords - if you want to pay for visitors to your website there are cost effective ways to use google adwords
Advice - One of my best services :)

About Me

Hello...I'm Cliona, based in Dublin.
I have been designing website for over 10 years.

A couple of years ago it was all about having a beautiful website, now its more about your web presence.

I have the old school skills of html and css, but now i also specialise in Content Management systems, my favourite being Wordpress, which allows my clients to easily update their own websites.

  • Content Management Systems - Wordpress, puts you in control of your website
  • Social Media - Facebook, Twitter
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - Show up for relevant keywords in google and other search engines
  • Brand Identity - Logo, Business Cards, Leaflets, Marketing Material
  • Google Analytics and Adwords

Use Google analytics to make sure you are hitting your target Audience

Social Media In Plain English

I love the videos from CommonCraft that explain internet terminology in plain english

The Social Media video above explains how a business can gain knowledge simply and easily by interacting with their clients.

If you like this one you should also check out their SEO in plain English too.....

Catchy Headlines keep visitor's attention


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Make Your Website Work

With over 50 Billion websites in existence. Its Important to make sure that your target audiences are visiting your site.

  1. Content :. You will only show in search engines like google if you have the right keywords in your content.
  2. Optimise :. SEO is just as important as having a web presence. You would not put on an event and not tell anyone. You need to tell all the search engine about your website, make sure they know what what keywords are important to you
  3. Visible :. With people viewing your website on all types of devices make sure your site works on all.
  4. First Impressions :. you have 5-10 seconds to impress visitors to your site, site should load quickly, navigation should be simple,


Sonya Grimes

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St Mary's Tennis Club Website

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Why Use Social Media

I often hear from clients that they don't have time or they don't think its right for them

If you got flyers printed you would not leave them all in the one place. You would put them in them in as many places as you could

Same with the your website and Social Media sites. You have spent time writing content for your website, well then you should put that content in as many places as you can - Facebook, Twitter.

  • Take it one step at a time start with one or two sites, you can always sign up for more when your confident.
  • You can see results quickly, people interact more on social media site. Building organic regular traffic to your website without social media is an uphill struggle.
  • Social Media is the future of the internet, Facebook is now more popular than google. You need to keep up with these sites to have continued success for your business.

Where to Start

When getting a new website or a redesign of a current website, the more information you can supply the easier the process will be. Here are some ideas to help you

  • Branding :.   Any current Logos/brochures or colour scheme.
  • Content :.  Text or images from current marketing material. List of products or Services. What makes you unique?
  • Goals :.  What you would like to Achieve from your website, sell a product or service, awerness, brochure site
  • Menu Structure :.  What pages you would like on your site.
  • Target Audience :.   Age Range, Gender, Location (Irish/Worldwide),
  • Style :.  Modern, Sophisticated, Professional, Funky, Elegant, Natural.
    Lists of Websites that you like the look of or functionality. Or maybe what you don't like.
  • Testimonials :.   What other people say about you can be more effective then what you say about yourself.
  • Tone of the site :. Friendly, Casual, Corporate, Formal, Fun. This effects the colours, images and content of your site and how you would like to be portrayed .
  • Competitors :. Who they are and what they are doing and how you can do it better. This is especially important when you are trying to get placed well in google.

You can also set up google alerts for your business so that you get an email when your business is mentioned online.

Raidio Na Life

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Google Video tips

Since google is the most popular search engine, following there advice is recommended

They have well explained videos to watch on their youtube page Learn With Google

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